Dribbble Animations

Posted on Sep 7, 2017
Dribbble Animations

I finally got an invite to Dribbble! (follow me here)

For the uninitiated, Dribbble is (in their words) a ‘show and tell for designers’. It’s basically an online community for design pros who want to share their work and maybe ask for feedback, or basically show off. It’s pretty powerful, and can actually lead to paid work.

There are lots of posts about branding and logo design on Dribbble, and the ones that do really well (make the front page) are usually the ones that show a little gif animation. Sometimes it can really sell the story of a brand.

From my experience making banner ads and some video editing, I can do a pretty decent job of animating, starting in After Effects and then moving to Photoshop to make a lightweight gif. Here’s a selection of posts I’ve made from some of my logo designs over the years.

Unleash Me

Unleash Me. Rolling a shape with flat edges, while using it as a mask? BIG TIME.

M Restaurants

M Restaurants. I’ve been wanting to animate this one for a while, as the four separate brands are designed to tie in with the one (M) parent logo.


UNFOLD (Art Beyond the BRICS). Of all my logos, this one benefits the most from animation. It uses points on the world map as the basis for ‘fold’ marks on an imaginary piece of paper. What better way to tell the brand’s story?

Annabel Schild

Annabel Schild (private investor).

Bouche Media

Bouche Media. I’d already animated this for the client, namely to show off the play button inside the logo.

Mike Reid Chef

Mike Reid Chef.

My wedding logo!

My wedding logo! Using our initials J and L to form the emblem.

Sanyukta Shrestha

Sanyukta Shrestha (wedding dress designer).