Sanyukta Shrestha is an award-winning bridal designer based in Fulham. Her brand ethos is incredible. Not only does she continually create high-end, luxurious and elegant dresses, but she does so in an ethical and sustainable way. Her fabrics are hand-spun by villagers in Nepal (where she is from) using only fair trade, certified manufacturers, and working with natural materials like wild nettle and hemp.

I was challenged with creating a logo that represents the premium, yet ethical nature of the brand. The logo mark consists of two entwined ‘S’ shapes, which not only represent Sanyukta’s initials, but also the sign for eternity, signifying the bond of marriage. The two outer sections also resemble interwoven wedding rings. The entire shape represents the cyclical nature of the company, driving the eco and ethical message home, while still looking luxurious and premium.