Heatworld and Sainsbury’s clothing line TU teamed up to give readers the chance to win a £1,000 shopping voucher. The competition mechanic was a bespoke mood board/scrap book builder, which allowed users to drag and drop clothing items on to a stage and then build their own outfits. Users could pick 3 different frame styles and upload custom backgrounds and other images to create their masterpieces, which used facebook connect to promote their entries.

I worked very closely with James Thatcher on this project, the genius behind the code, and after a few long weekends it turned out to be an incredibly successful campaign. Over 750 entrants engaged with the Sainsbury’s clothing line to build a scrap book during the 8 weeks the page was live, with a dwell time of over 2 and a half minutes. See the video below that shows how the page worked (no audio).